All children and young people need to have trusted adults around them to make sure they are kept safe from harm by other people, or from hurting themselves. It is also about taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best possible outcomes.

Find out more about safeguarding from the Greenwich Safeguarding Children Partnership.

If you think that a child or young person under the age of 18 years old, who lives in the borough, is being abused or neglected, contact the Greenwich Safeguarding team using the contact details below.

Not all concerns raised about a child will automatically lead to a child protection investigation. Less serious concerns may lead to a more general assessment of need and the provision of services or the offer of advice and information.

Royal Borough of Greenwich Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

Outside of office hours and at weekends and public holidays contact the 'out of hours contact' service on 020 8854 8888

If you are seriously concerned about a child's immediate safety, dial 999.

Domestic violence affects people of every class, age, race, disability, gender and sexuality. The violence can begin at any stage of a relationship and may continue after the relationship has ended. Domestic violence can happen in many different ways, for example:

Physical – hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, slapping

Emotional – threatening to hurt the other person, doing and sayings things to frighten the other person, swearing at them or saying things to make them feel bad

Sexual – doing or making someone do sexual things that they don’t want to

Financial – taking away the other person’s money, not giving the other person money when they need it or not letting them get a job

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Extremists are targeting and grooming impressionable young people through social media and the internet in order to influence their minds in much the same way that sexual predators operate online.

Their message can have a powerful impact on someone who’s young, possibly unsure of their path in life, and may lack confidence.

Parents or carers in Bromley who have concerns about their children being exposed to extremism or radicalisation can access a variety of materials to help understand the risks.

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