There are a number of techniques you can use to help your child develop cutlery skills, including:

  • Eating at the same time as them so they can copy you
  • Using the right sized cutlery, e.g. child-sized cutlery or chunky cutlery for a better grip
  • Making sure they’re sat high enough that they can comfortably prop their elbows on the table, their feet are supported and their bowl or plate is on a non-slip mat
  • Introducing a child sized spoon between nine and 12 months old and letting them play with it and get used to the motions of eating by feeding their toys. When they’re confident, let them use the spoons during meal times and using your hands to support their elbow and guide their hand
  • Introducing a child sized fork once they’re confident using a spoon. Start by loading the fork for them and using your hands to guide them
  • Giving them foods that will stick to the spoon, e.g. porridge, mashed potato and puddings, or are easy to stab with a fork, e.g. fruit or cooked vegetables
  • Giving them a fork and a spoon at once to practice with a piece of cutlery in both hands.